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May 20, - I read that if you use cement board, you want to sponge it down before applying thinset and Kerdi; otherwise, the cement board sucks all of the moisture out of the thinset before the Kerdi has time to bond to it. I am not % certain about the mesh tape and thinset at the joints, but I believe that's a andriol.infoer shower tray problem? - Ceramic Tile Advice Forums. Preparing a Shower Wall for Tile Jolie. Age: 20. im not rush and not in hurry i promise u will so happy after our meeting Now, whether it would work, I wouldn't feel comfortable saying one way or the other. That some people feel the best offense is to offer distractions and discredit by association is in poor taste and basis. dgbldr, when discussing kerdi - what does noble offer in the same type of whater proof membrane for shower walls/floors. I have heard that However, with the floor levler product, I believe it sucks the moisture out of the Ditra-set way to fast and doesnt give it a chance to bond to the mat. (However, many  kerdi vs hydroban. Raven. Age: 29. Experienced submissive with over 10 years of d/s, bdsm and other kinky fun so whatever you want, let me know and i'm sure we can come up with something Thinset and Schluter Membranes I have a tile question concerning the Schluter-Kerdi shower system. The Schluter- Kerdi system is applied with an unmodified thinset to bond their waterproofing membrane to what ever substrates you chose for your walls. There in lies the Hardi board sucks in my opinion for tile work. Use either CBU or. I've been using Kerdi for years. This stuff is great. I've never had a shower leak when I combine Duroc and Kerdi, with the Kerdi overlaying the junction between two boards of Duroc. I particularly like the hairy, or fibrous, material on the tile side of the Kerdi. Tile just sticks. The Kerdi also provides just the smallest amount of.

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Julia. Age: 25. I can do everything to you and I love to do what I'm doing Jun 9, - Hi There, We're doing a Kerdi shower and have a question. I know code requires some sort of cement backer board to be used in the shower. Also, DH was worried that if the cbu sucked up the thinset you wouldn't get good adhesion with the Kerdi (being a DYIer and not having the experience you guys. Jun 9, - It actually sucks the water right out of the thinset. You need to wet it down really well, and then wet it down some more. It takes a LOT of water. A lot of people end up putting a coat of primer on it first, to alleviate the problem. I would pull down the Kerdi and start over. You might be able to scrape the thinset off. Mar 18, - Letting your thinset skin over, or get its moisture sucked out by a dry substrate before embedding the membrane is the major user error. Knowing how it works, and it's easy to check (pull a section back off and look for full saturation and coverage of the membrane!), and you can avoid that pitfall. Kerdi has  The downside to slow draining showers.


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