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Belly flat, belly mark up. Big fat cocky make your pussy cock up. Hah hah hah! Me a tell you say me a beg you a fuck. Me a tell you say me a beg you a fuck [Verse 1] Gyal, whine up your body and whine to di top. Turn around, turn around fi a backshot. Pose pon the cocoky like it's a droptop. Make me use me Blackberry take. A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English - Eric Partridge - Google Книги Beverly. Age: 23. Visit a beautiful 31 year old masseuse for an intoxicating fulling and memorable massage On occasion he would yell at his men to spread out the column, to keep their eyes open, but then he would slip away into daydreams, just pretending, walking barefoot along the Jersey shore, with Martha, carrying nothing. Quotes " I'd look spiffy in those robes they wear--just like Friar Tuck. 'Top flat, mind.' The Arse Bandit shouted behind them, hoping that they'd heard. The two boys might be junkies but they were far from stupid. They remembered it was the top flat. The door lay ajar, having already been smashed down and the flat lay empty aside from an array of empty beer cans, the charred doings of heroin. Rucca. Age: 24. Please text with inquiry and or details first Beg U A Fuck Sep 11, - But I'd rather beg my pardon than to party with you lames [Hook: Meechy Darko] Fuck money, fuck friends, fuck family. Fuck pussy, fuck drugs, fuck sanity · I don't give a shit, why? Cause ignorance is bliss, right · Fuck the law, fuck the president and White House Fuck the jury, fuck the judge in the nightgown. (B. 8: L.) Cf. frog~footed and flat feet, 2, qq.v. flat-fuck, n. and v. 2. Hence, fully extended; extremely busy: Aus.: since ca. 'Can't you see that I'm flat to the boards?' (B.P.) flat top. An aircraft carrier: RN since ca. Granville-—2. Hence, a haircut similar to the crew cut but flat on the top: Aus.: since ca.

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Pristine. Age: 19. Easy going and non rushed servise “the days aren't so bad, but at night the pictures get to be a bitch I keep seeing myself dead. (page ) “he had been braver than he had ever thought possible, but how he had not been so brave as he wanted to be.” (page ). “he'd backed off and "the poor bastard just flat fuck fell" (6). "Still zipping himself up. He got. Hall in general, and that first Flat in particular, housed, amongst others, downgrades and a variety of troglodytes who didn't conform to the system but didn't cause a specific threat. The laundry passman I told myself over and over again, 'If the system thinks it can fuck with me, it's got another thing coming.' I knew only five. A person, usually of the opposite sex, who barely meets your fuck standards. Malcolm: "Tina's ass is dive-worthy but her face pisses me off!" Jebediah: "Yeah man, she's definitely a flat fuck and nothing more." #fuck#sex#dick#pussy#hot. by Ohaooa April 30, 5 Get the mug. Get a Flat Fuck mug for your guy Trump.


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