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Dec 24, - subscribeunsubscribe readers. 4 users here now. A place for those who enjoy seeing men with assholes gaping wide open from toys or cocks. Share your pics, let us see your insides! ;-). Please note: This is a sub primarily for male gapes, not for rosebuds or prolapses. created by samshadowxxxa. Cisgendered White Male Assholes | Thought Catalog Nelly. Age: 27. Petite, sweet, and discrete The Schoolhouse is one of warmest and most satisfying places we have ever been. Mar 21, - Posts about huge gaping male assholes written by GallusMag. Mya. Age: 18. Hello Gentlemen :) Cisgendered White Male Assholes assholes. andriol.info Why Great Women Marry Total Assholes. By Markham Heid. It might not be fair, but some jerks get the girl. Here's how to steal their secrets without becoming like them. andriol.info What You Can Learn from the World's Biggest A#@holes. By Corey Levitan. We love to hate them, but should we. Oct 11, - Let's all be very honest with ourselves: we as men are currently living in the age of the asshole. Not the usual interpretation of an asshole, though, as in the kind nobody wants to be around because he is so insulting. This is the new asshole, the g.

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Mika. Age: 29. andrea Mar 20, - You're not as hot as you think you are.” “That color looks bad on you.” “You wear too much makeup.” These and statements like them should never be uttered to a woman — particularly a woman you just met — particularly when the goal is to get a phone . So instead of trying to fight their sleazy reputation, many guys embrace it. And worst of all, some think it's the only way that we'll like them. Yes, many guys believe that girls love assholes. As one guy put it: “I don't always act like a jerk to girls. But I do notice that some girls like jerks. So if I catch that vibe, I can alter to more. Jan 14, - 8. WHAT IF I DON'T WANT ANYTHING UP MY BUTT ANYWAY? The male prostate gland can be indirectly stimulated by applying pressure to the perineum—that no-man's land between a man's scrotum and his asshole otherwise known as the “taint.” Since nerve endings on the perineum are connected to.


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