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sounds like a good idea. first ask him how large his cock is so you get the right insert jesus christ wtf you sick andriol.infos of reddit, how did you discover your child was no longer a. My son has a sex toy!? | Yahoo Answers Ruth. Age: 29. Please visit my web page for more info If his dad or older family friend would take him out to buy him one, I'd pay for it, I guess. Jul 18, - Fake daps and the fake hugs, most of these niggas be some haters. Salt don't kill players, these bitches still need favors I fuck with lil shawty, I bought her a Rollie Pussy niggas tellin' lies, they don't know me I'ma go all the way this year, put it on my son. He gon' be a don, I'ma pop it 'til I'm done. Klara. Age: 21. Will make you feel like a king in my company Hot Topics OK, it's not a flesh light It's a "Lexie UR3 Pocket Pussy" and even more blatantly a place to stick your wiener than a flesh light. I had planned on EdenFantasys's discreet shipping policy to save me from any embarrassing moments with the parents or neighbors, but I think it went far worse than I could have. I was talking to one of my friends yesterday, she has twins a boy and a girl 16 anywho, her son asked his dad for a "fake vagina" sex toy, his dad wonka5. If my child isn't old enough to go inside a sex shop and buy it themselves, I will not be buying a sex toy for them. They can satisfy their needs the old.

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Sheila. Age: 30. fenna Jun 14, - I've been dating my bf for almost 3 years now and I found a fake vagina in my boyfriend's closet during in the middle of our first 1 1/2 year together. We already got over it but sometimes i would always wonder if he'll buy another one. If he cannot control his basic bodily urges, he is acting like a child. If your teenage son asked, would you buy him a pocket pussy? asked under Sexual Behavior. If either of my kids asked for any kind of toy like that and they knew what it was and its purpose, and claimed a need or desire to use it, I'd get it for them. One did, and I .. No he can get the real thing no a fake one. I will get. Apr 4, - i was in my sons room today and under his bed i found a fake vagina! I asked him about it and at first he tried to lie to my wife and i but we finally got the truth out of him. He said that he went to the store and bought an amazon gift card then went to the site and bought a sex toy. Hes 17 and i dont know what.


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