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15, January 2016

Andriol: correct dosage and application

The substance: testosterone undecanoate. Trade names:   Andriol 40 mg; Virigen 40 mg; Panteston 40 mg; Restandol 40 mg; Undestor 40 mg. Andriol – one of the few “fresh” steroids that have appeared in recent years. Unlike most of the AAS, which entered the market in the 50-60s (and partly already and disappear), Andriol thereRead More …

15, January 2016

Andriol in bodybuilding: Side effects and Reviews

The drug is used in bodybuilding andriol recently, from the late 80s of the last century. It is an anabolic steroid, the active substance – testosterone undecanoate. Produced in capsules and injections, used most often in oral form. Reason – quite low compared with other similar substances, toxicity to the organism and expressed displays flavoring.Read More …