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Oct 31, - "Contracting your Kegel muscles with sexual arousal and orgasm helps you not lose urine, and also feels good for your male partner during penetration," The trick is to make sure you don't hold it for too long (to the point where it's painful) or too often (say, holding it every time you want to have sex) just to. Orgasm feels better when i need to pee?!?! - The Student Room Shione. Age: 27. So you'd like to know even more about me? I'll be delighted to oblige! I have green eyes, soft lips, shiny and silky long brown hair I mean not so much orgasm but I feel randomly aroused. Editor's Note Are you an aspiring journalist or just looking for an outlet where you can share your voice? Nov 20, - It's normal (though it's unusual, and you're lucky to be able to orgasm so easily and so privately), but it's not something you should do a lot. Holding your pee is an invitation to bladder and kidney trouble, so don't do this very often (and of course, there are *hundreds* of other ways to have orgasms). Pepper. Age: 21. nothing turns me on more than knowing that i can touch a guy in that special way Orgasm while holding my pee???!? And the longer I hold it, the more intense the feeling gets. Once I I read an article in cosmo magazine a few weeks ago that said the urge to urinate can cause stronger/more frequent orgasms. Can holding your pee for long enough to achieve that feeling do any damage; I mean if you did it every day?Urinating During Orgasm, Or During Oral Sex? - Sexual. I have no interest in watersports or pee or anything like that, but if I have to pee and I'm holding it in, I get mini orgasms. It started in middle school . I don't have that was peeing, but I do when I work my abs, especially with activities like climbing rope where you really engage your core. So I can totally relate  Holding pee to orgasm? Dangerous?: Advice.

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Darcie. Age: 22. 1h 140e Holding your pee till you orgasm Is it just me or do any of you hold your pee in and it feels like an orgasm. I know it's bad to do but it feels so good. Mar 5, - I wouldnt dare with my boyfriend because I would be scared of weeing and not being able to handle it, but I so get this aswell, and like sometimes when I just need a wee in general its like a mini orgasm like holding it in.. it sounds so weird and embaraasing but I dont know if you might be able to relate to. Oct 11, - “Please hear me,” Maulding pleads, “it is NOT pee or gross.” In fact, it's really After you have an orgasm, you might feel like you have to pee, so you'll “hold it. According to the Well-Woman Center at Barnard College, “If he is trying to penetrate your vagina all in one motion, this may cause pain for you.


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